The Highlights of my year: ANIMAINE!

Hi Gang! Once again it is the time of year that I am getting ready for my annual journey a couple of hours south for AniMaine Anime convention in South Portland Maine. Once again the gang gets together for the weekend (November 9-11th) to watch and talk about anime and even destroy some bootleg merchandise! I won’t be holding any panels this year BUT I will be roaming around not only enjoying the con, but getting some good pictures and reporting on the goings-on for a write up right after (And probably posted here!)

The website for the big event can be found at

It will be held at the Best Western Merry Manor Inn in South Portland Maine as they will be playing host to the con for another awesome year!

It has already been announced the special guests joining in the fun this year include

Voice Actress Wendy Powell

Voice Actress Caitlynn French

Author and Artist Em Sauter

As usual, it is expected to be a lot of fun and the escape from the normal that a group of Friends (old and New) Brings. Lots of Cosplay and even a Music video contest this year! I will be taking pictures and I will be sharing them with all of you!

But before then I have a book coming out!

3 of a Kind arrives Halloween Night!

Now, before I go I want to point anyone reading this towards a special little pup who is part of the family of a friend of mine. I have not had the chance to meet her personally, but Bailey isn’t feeling too good and she needs some help. Poor Bailey could use the kindness of strangers so if you are reading this, I ask you to give her a little love and help her and Jen out. She has had a rough one so far so she could use the help. You can donate to her and her human Jen HERE.

Read Cityscape Tokyo to find out how the two teens and their guardian have to survive and watch out for each other when the company’s dark past comes back to haunt the kids and their guardian once again and make for an incredible adventure in Cityscape Tokyo! Now available on the Bull Moose website!

You can also find my other work HERE

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