Fun from the second day of AniMaine!

The second day of the convention started off on the usual foot as I was up until 3 am the night before and was up at around 8 in the morning for another round. A shower and a little caffeine before we went to the hotel’s restaurant for the Continental Breakfast buffet provided to all of us staying at the hotel. The restaurant was a busy place that morning but I was still able to grab some food before setting out for the day.

The first panel of the day was of the different types of animation hosted by Staff Member Colin Harvie as he gave ideas and tips on animation you can do yourself and different computer programs you can use.

I didn’t have anything planned for the few hours so I went make to the main hall where I got pictures of some of the dealers and a lot of cosplayers. There was a group doing the “Mushroom Crown” Mario set with a Bowsette, Booette, Chompette, and ShyGuyette and got a lot of pictures of them. Awesome group!

I also got pictures of Fan Savvy host and someone I am friends with, in Fan Girl who had a booth set up. She is a quality Craftsperson and I have got a lot of her stuff over the years so she was a person to find. Glad she could attend this year.

And some Cosplay fun!

Next up was a guest panel with Comics with Em and Jeff with Beer expert and Pints and Panels artist Em Sauter and Darby Pop Publishing Comics publisher Jeff Cline. They gave some stories of the things they have gone through in their adventures and thing to do if you and interested in getting into that field. Or like me, kind of in a similar field. Both are cool people and glad I got to talk with both of them during the convention.

It was time for some travel around the con again and met up with the official Mascot of AniMaine Rose and her cosplay of the newest Mascot of the convention. Usually, she is dressing up as the Con’s mascot Malika, but this year Malika has a new friend. There is more of Him (and the name he was given) in Sunday’s Article.

At 6 pm in what then time to line up for one of the Conventions biggest draws, Bootleg Bomber! This is when Colin and the staff lead us on a panel of how to identify bootleg Anime Merchandise. Usually, this is done with Colin and frequent gust Greg Ayres, but Greg was tied up with his own convention and sent his best. Colin did a great job on his own and after going through some ideas, it was then time to destroy bootleg crap people have donated. This year some bogus metal keys were put into a forge and met the business end of a strong electric current between carbon rods and were melted. Didn’t smell great but it looked good and the crowd had a great time!

With things cleaned up the next panel on my list was “Life Lessons from the Necronomicon” or an HP Lovecraft panel from Voice Actress Caitlynn French. Some of Caitlynn’s panels may have been switched around on the schedule but I didn’t care. Caitlynn is a good host, and The Lovecraft topic brought me back to the panels from passed cons by CJ Henderson, a Lovecraft style authort and a dear friend. Wish he could have seen this.

The night finished off with another new game “It’s None of my business” which was hosted by AniMaine cofounder Arthur Babinsky, and official beer expert and guest Em Sauter. The idea was Em would watch some clips of anime while both took drinks from cups of various beers and tried to figure out it the beer was a local find or a national find. the reviews were not kind to the beers (they were not great tastes evidently) and Arthur kept finding an “Oaky Afterburn”. Whatever the hell that even means. The anime selected for Em to watch was just bizarre even for the audience.  Most of us hadn’t been drinking so I can’t imagine what it was like for them. It was a fun time and being that late at night, we all could get away with it. Don’t drink kiddies!

The night ended with Colin’s Peepers panel of his showing of some 90’s era and fan-made “Adult” animation of Neo Genesis Evangelion. That stuff is…horrifying to many. It’s a good late night panel to try to get some sleep too afterward.

I drifted back to the room as I had an early panel on Sunday I wanted to be at. I actually got some sleep that night and probably needed it! It was another great day. The guest panels were fun and the hosts did a wonderful job at hosting them. It was a great time but we weren’t completely out of energy yet. Bootleg Bomber is always the highlight of the con and while no actual explosives were used, we still made a time of it as we always do.

And while this was done with a certified Beer expert and done under the supervision of an entire staff of a convention, Drink Responsibly out there!

Next up for you Damn Write! readers is Sunday. Read on to see how we finished out the weekend!

Now, before I go I want to point anyone reading this towards a special little pup who is part of the family of a friend of mine. I have not had the chance to meet her personally, but Bailey isn’t feeling too good and she needs some help. Poor Bailey could use the kindness of strangers so if you are reading this, I ask you to give her a little love and help her and Jen out. She has had a rough one so far so she could use the help. You can donate to her and her human Jen HERE.

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