He is the talk amongst the otaku. And it isn’t good!

It is a story that does hit close to home. Within the last few months, voice actor Vic Mignogna was hit with all kinds of stories of abuse and bad behavior. He has been fired from Rooster Teeth (and the cast of RWBY) and well as Funimation (and the cast of Morose Mononokean) as more stories of the things he has done are made public.

Sadly, this is not anything new. I’ve been hearing about things he has done to fans and other voice actors for many years. It is a good thing that these stories are seeing the light and things are finally being done.

As I have said before. It is nobodies fault but his own and no one should feel bad and guilty like they had anything to do with it. It is okay if you were a fan of his now or were a fan during the past. He did a lot of great voice work and I know he had a lot of fans for it. However, being a fan of his does not mean you had anything to do with what is being said and talked about. From what is being told by many other people in the industry, he has had a lot of issues with many people and the way he has acted towards a lot of people. You being a fan of his didn’t make him done these things and act the way he did. Hell, some are saying he was acting this way before he even became a voice actor. It is looking like Voice Acting didn’t make Vic do these things and act this way. It is looking more like he has been a slimeball much of his life.

As for what to do right now that these stories are being told. That is up to you. If you want to boycott stuff he was in, no one is stopping you. The rolls he was in currently will probably be recast, so if you are a fan of the shows, expect change but keep on watching. There are a lot of others who work on these series that could use the support. If you watch stuff he was in any way, go right ahead. Your fandom of shows like Full Metal Alchemist, Excel Saga, or anything else he was a voice in shouldn’t change. If you love the series than keep being a fan. Chances are there are a lot of other voices in a show besides him that are just as good in voicing the characters. Vic did not make those shows. He did not write, animate, and market those shows you became a fan of and many cases he is probably not the reason you became fans in the first place. Don’t let his action be the reason you stopped being a fan.

The best thing you can do? Listen to what people are saying. Believe what they have been through and what they have to say happened. I do. A few of those voices are ones I’ve met and I believe what has been said. That is all you have to do, the rest will be handled by those who make the decisions.

That’s all. Just believe what is being said and the truth will be shown.


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