Those Games are kind of stale.


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Now WWE video games have been a part of what the WWE has been trying to sell people since 1989. Whether it is the early games like WWF Wrestlemania or Steel Cage Challenge or the newer offerings from the WWE 2K series that seems to be ending soon.

But with popularity in the WWE falling, is it time to get creative and think outside the box?

While 2K have been cranking out games for quite a while, ever since THQ went out of business and the WWE listen was sold in 2013. They have made a game every year. The problem is they don’t really do anything new. The 2K mold is just to do the same games every year, with some stuff taken out and some stuff added in, along with the same rosters with only minor adjustments every year.

Much like WWE programming itself, I think its time for a change.

But change it to what exactly? An arcade style fighting game? They tried that back with Wrestlemania the Arcade Game many years ago and it was not the best idea. Wrestling told as a Mortal Kombat knock-off was not really the most popular idea. Take the fighting outside into the city? WWE tried that with the cartoonish WWE Brawl and it was not a popular idea either. The WWE video game for that was canceled before it even was released.

What if the players got to create their own characters of the game from scratch?

It’s an idea that hasn’t been done before. Instead of having the same matches with John Cena, The Rock, the 5 billion versions of HHH and the Undertaker, Fans actually create the stars they want? If fans aren’t getting into the WWE stars that they are giving, why not just let them make their own?

Use the established Create a wrestler format that has already been developed. You don’t need to start that over from scratch. Instead of the standard story mode, players CREATE the characters. Fill out your own rosters. Create your own wrestlers and have them fight against each other. Do you want to make a wrestling federation full of women? Go for it! Do you want a Mexican style lucha group with all masked guys? Make them! Do you want to have the roster for Saturday Night Slam Masters? If you can make them go for it! It would be a different idea and let the players make the characters and what to do with them, not just get handed a roster you can see on tv every week.

But once you have a bunch of custom wrestlers at your disposal, you got to have them actually do something! Putting them in matches of various shape and form is the easiest thing. A General Manager type of game mode would work in this idea. Create a roster and you are given control over them. Make matches, TV shows, and even pay per veiws based around them for a year or something like that. Make feuds and reasons why these guys are fighting each other. Make titles for them to fight over. Make stipulations for the winners and the losers. Heck, even have a “create a stipulation” options so people can create those as well and even have some premade movie scenes to play out in the types of match you create. Retirement matches, mask matches, hell why stop there? Have the loser get his car destroyed or have to eat ten pounds of steak and wings. Get Crazy!

Maybe that is the kind of thing video game fans would be attracted to. Getting creative and being a little crazy.


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