This can’t be a good thing.

Recently there has been something that happened in the convention world that I am a part of. It is not a con I am attending or even planned on attending. But what is going on is not cool and a LOT of people are now pulling out.

This is about Kamehacon and a prime example of what NOT to do as a convention.

I’ve written about voice actor Vic Mignogna and the trouble he is the center of before. I still believe that his behavior to those he worked with and his fans is appalling. Well, after a lot of his crap came out, not surprisingly a LOT of convention canceled his appearances, or he pulled out of them himself. No matter what he actually did he wouldn’t be a problem to anyone else for a while. Funimation fired him, Rooster Teeth fired him. And for many hopefully, that would be the end of it.

Then came along Kamehacon, an Unofficial Dragonball Convention in Irving Texas. They originally announced that Vic was a guest but after the word broke of the behavior people said he took part in, he canceled. Whether it was the convention or himself, he was no longer supposed to be there. There wasn’t an outcry for him not being there either. Many people were not that heartbroken over it and things went along as usual.

Then Kamehacon screwed up ROYALLY. Recently they announced that Vic WAS going to be there and announced with great fanfare that he is coming after all.

Needless to say, many of the other guests and attendees were not so happy about it. A number of guests, notably Monica Rial, who was one of the more vocal people who were accusing Vic of doing the shit he is being accused of, have now pulled out of the convention completely and there is word that something else will be done for those who no longer want to be part of Kamehacon because of Vic’s reinvolvement.

What part of that seemed like a good idea?

It sends a bad statement to the people speaking out against him. It tells people that those accusing him do not matter and that they are having him appear for what? Fanboy money? You think just by having him actually there is going to make you any more money than without?

A bunch of the other guest pulling out (let alone the fans who were planning on attending pulling out too) should tell you that that was not the case. There is going to be a lot LESS people there now because you decided to bring him back. Great job, you just shot yourself in the foot with this one.

And that brings up another point. The actual staff members that came to that decision. Whether it is just a few local anime people or some kind of business (The people behind Dragonball perhaps) it doesn’t look good on them either. I’d not want to be at a Con staffed by them if this is going to happen. You’d think someone would have said “Maybe it isn’t a good idea to have him there. This won’t look good to people” but nope. Let’s bring back the guy who is at the center of all this and accused of such behavior and no one will take offense! It will be fine!

Yeah, Not like I am going to Texas but I wouldn’t go to that convention at all after this.

Be this a lesson to anyone even thinking of organizing a convention or being staff and dealing with guests. Sometimes there are just people you DON’T want to have at your con. This is one of those moments.

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