It was a good show!


Hi Gang. Things are a little late this week with Wrestlemania and al;l the other shows surrounding it. It was a pretty good show and I enjoyed! It6 was better than I predicted it would and my predictions the WWE would take something and screw it up all around was more negative than it turned out. There were a lot of matches and the show seemed to go all night but I didn’t feel like it was too much. Could it be shorter? Sure. But I wasn’t clamoring for it either.

The pre-show matches were good for what they were. The cruiserweight title match as good, even if having Tony Neese as the challenger felt a bit blah. He still put on a good show and it was a wonder they didn’t kill each other! The RAW tag title match was.. well it deserved to be on the preshow. I get that Hawkins and Ryder are from the area but that was something with no build up either. I think Curt Hawkins looked more like a member of the Spirit Squad more than anything else. It was a blah match but wasn’t terrible either. The Women’s battle royal was waste. Carmella isn’t going to do anything for the WWE and having her win was a waste of effort. The men’s battle royal was predictable but since the winner of the battle royal never does much, it’s okay.

The main show was good too. Having Brock Lesnar go out first was something different and fired the crowd up even more. Rollins took a beating in that match (the shots of his bruised back were enough) and the WWE Title match was a highlight and even the WWE didn’t screw that one up. I think they really did create a moment with that ending.

Also wanted to give a shout out to Miz’s father George. It was something seeing him out there during the Falls count anywhere match. I still don’t think the Miz is supposed to be cheered but still seeing his father trying to fight was fun.

It wasn’t perfect though. The Kurt Angle match with Baron Corbin was a joke and a mess of a match, But I figured it would be and I think the WWE knew it was going to be disappointing too. They were playing it up because they knew it wouldn’t be great. We knew it, they knew it, so be it.

Also, the ending of the Triple Threat woman’s match kinda fell apart. It was a decent match but yeah, the ending pinfall was messed up. I hear the poor ref had to pay a fine for letting that happen. Hopefully, this also moves everyone on from Rhonda Rousey and we can get back to business.

There were a few other moments but for the most part, the show was good. I still put Wrestlemania’s 3 and 30 way above this, but it isn’t Wrestlemania 9 bad by any means.

And with the Shake Up coming Monday and Tuesday, the WWE has already moved onto the next year. Let’s see if what happens now and head towards Wrestlemania 36!

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