The fire was a big loss


Hi Gang. Yesterday had an interesting start. I get up and get going, take shower and all that. I sit down to begin writing on a project, turn on the TV and CNN comes on with the breaking news tha5t they cathedral at Notre Dame in Paris is on fire!

I continue to watch because even with other things on my mind I realize that this is a major story. The more I watch the more I realize this is no little fire this is BIG. As time goes on I see the spire of the cathedral collapse and then my thought turns to the interior and how most of that must be gone. It breaks my heart seeing that.

It got me thinking. I’m in a weird place really when it comes to this really. I am NOT a religious man by any means. I have my own beliefs and needless to say, that are not in line with the religions that hold that place neer and deer. I’ve heard that things used to be held there like a part of Jesus’s Thorny Crown and other parts of the beliefs, but honestly I am not certain if those actual items were there or not. I’m not of that faith. But I do recognize that Notre Dame is a historical landmark and that it has been around for over 800 years. Religion or not I recognize that is a heck of a long time.

I recognize that nearly 13 million people a YEAR had visited the Cathedral and it is something that is a part of culture. Beyond Religion it is a global landmark. It means a lot to the people of Paris as part of their identity. It is something that Parisians look to and say “That is Ours” let alone all the things that the old cathedral holds. Even if I don’t think the same way, I recognize that Notre Dame meant a lot to a lot of people. Those people are heartbroken right now.

I could sit here and write what needs to be done, but let’s face it I’m no expert and there is and will be plenty of people thinking they “know” what should be done (Trump already tried that and looked just as dimwitted as you’d expect). The French authorities have said they will rebuild and put things together again as much as they can. It probably is not going to be quick or easy, but I wish them luck in doing so. It isn’t the first time the cathedral has been part of something like this, no matter what they end up finding was the cause. The simple word is that It has been through this before and were able to salvage what they can and rebuild. It has happened before and people recovered.

Thankfully no one seemed to be injured or killed. That is more important. There presumably a lot of historical items lost in yesterday’s fire, but there are still people to retell that history and more importantly, there are people to make new history too. Sure a building around 800 years does have a lot of history and priceless items, whether you are of the same religion or not. But the French people still survive as do many others who visite the cathedral over the years. A lot may have been lost in the fire, but there are a lot of who rebuild and make new moments of history too.

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