A rough article to write.

Hi Gang. I’m really bummed out in writing this and to be honest, it is hard to get out but I still will.

If you followed this article for a while you may have noticed for the past year or so some of the article was to call attention to the fundraiser for my friend Jen’s dog Bailey and the health problems she was facing. Jen raised well over a thousand dollars towards the effort and Bailey faced her problems and best she could.

This past week Bailey’s struggles ended and she had to be put down.

I’m not in a great mood about it, but understandably Jen has not been in a great mood either. Bailey was a large part of her life and now she is gone, at least physically.

I believe though that a pet will be around and give back the love it was given in life. And I am guessing Jen gave her a lot of love during her days. Even when she is not there physically anymore, Bailey is still there watching over Jen and looking out for her with the same love she was given. Bailey fought hard during this time and she will not be forgotten now that her struggle is over. She will be remembered as a good dog and a big part of Jen’s life that made her days better. May her spirit continue on along with all the memories Jen and others have of the good times the pup gave her.

Jen will take time to recover and adjust. More power to her for it and hope things will get better for her in life. It is not going to be easy but She will be okay. I know it.

As for me, It’s not easy saying goodbye to an animal like this, but I’ll be okay. I did not get to meet Bailey in real life, but knew she was a good dog and now she will be an awesome angel

So for Jen, I wish the best and hope she will find a way to keep going. For Bailey, it pains my heart seeing you leave, but I know you won’t have to face any more pain and that your spirit will go on and look after the human who loved you very much.

Goodbye Bailey. For all, you were a good dog


Hopefully, next week will be something more positive to write about!

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