This looks like a bad idea.


How is going all?

So within the last few days, I haven’t actually seen Endgame and do not have access of Game of Thrones so not only are you not getting any spoilers, because I have seen neither and not really in a hurry to on either account. I haven’t seen too many of the DCU or Marvel movies at all actually. I’ve seen Deadpool (the first one anyway) and the Guardians o0f the Galaxy (Ditto, saw the first one) but I am WAY behind on a lot of the movies franchises. And with Game of Thrones, I don’t have anything online and not really into that type of story as much anyway. I have books I can write if I get the urge to follow a good story. 🙂

One thing I did notice was the preview of the long-rumored “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie and holy crap am I NOT wanting to see that! I know I sound like an old fart about these things, but this is not the kind of movie I really want to see. It has been tried before with the Detective Pikachu movie with the CGI animal mixed with real life and I don’t want to see that movie either. The story in Sonic is, of course, nothing to actually do with the games and more to try and sucker in Kids to watch it. Anyone around for the Sonic games is probably old enough to know better and it’s not like they are pumping those games out much anymore unless they can stick Mario somewhere on it.

Another thing that is a turn off for me is Jim Carrey. As someone around me put it, he just keeps getting those checks. His heyday is long since gone. The days of “The Mask” and “Ace Ventura” are long since over but someone thought to bring him out of the mothballs and have him star as the villain in this monstrosity.

And just the “taking a video game character and putting him in real life” thing has been done. It usually involved a lot of corny dad jokes to seem funny and in this case, a sound track that doesn’t really fit the movie. Hell, the preview is set to “Gangstas Paradise”? How does that fit together? Sonic is not Gangsta, even to little kids!

And of course, like most movies of this type, there is a ton of CGI and in this case, it doesn’t do it for me either. There are plenty of movies and a ton of CGI out there, and this doesn’t do anything different or spectacular. I’m not wowed by it, or whatever story they are actually trying to tell here.

Movie Audiences already spent over a BILLION dollars on Avengers: Endgame. This movie looks like it will just get a Razzie Award. If anyone actually cares enough. It may just get squat.

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