None of them are mine (thankfully).

A quick one this week and just getting stuff on my mind. It seems a bit of a cliche, but for me right now it is true. A number of my friends are expecting and with a newborn kid right now. I’m not the type to care about having kids, but with so many at the same time you start thinking about the point, there is no one in your life right now.

My Friend Lauren Orsini is pregnant and expecting a little later this year. She has said she would take a few months off from her writing and freelance work to rest and also take care of her new arrival. She posted about all the planning of what she is going to do when the baby arrives and I give her all the best wishes!

Freelancer and awesome person Maeleigh Moon is also expecting and blogging the whole adventure herself. Her videos have talked a lot about what she has gone through and has shown the life she has helped build for herself. She interviewed me a while back and we’ve become friends. A also love her little puppy Lady Dracula.

And literally just as I was putting this together a local fried Destiny gave birth to her daughter Rosalee last night. The little bundle of joy is looking healthy and now the family will start their new lives together.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here writing.  Not that I want kids. That really isn’t the problem I’m having. I’m just feeling a little lonely right now. No one to blame for it but myself. Times like this do make you think that it just isn’t going to happen and I’m just not the type to have a happy ending (Ironic as a writer and author right?) and things will probably end up differently for me.

But there is that thought of “So what?”. So what if I don’t have that special someone in my life? What if I don’t date or anything else with that special person in my life? There are other things I should be thinking about right now other than dating or that kind of thing. If it doesn’t work out me then whoop dee doo.

But more importantly, I wish all the best of luck to those expecting or those with kids and hope things turn out all right for everyone. It takes a lot to Raise a kid but I think all three are ready and able to raise their kids right!

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