Wrestling loses Silver King.


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Got to admit, sometimes being a wrestling fan for so long brings about moments like this for me. The problem with wrestling is the names and faces you got to know in younger days don’t last forever. No matter if they were the stars or not, some of them are part of what you loved about wrestling and someday they will disappear and you have to say goodbye. Some are harder than others and played a big part of days gone by, and some were mostly the backup players that had much better moments in other places or whatever but aren’t remembered by a lot of people.

One of those wrestlers was Silver King, a luchador from Mexico who passed away during a match in May 11th.

In the United States, Silver King wasn’t a big star. He made one appearance for WCW back in 1992 as part of the NWA Tag Title Tournament but he and his partner El Texano lost in the first round to the Fabulous Freebirds. He came back 5 years or so later to WCW but this time he was as himself and a single. His run in WCW was not as a headliner either. He was just one of the generic guys to flip and fly around the ring and then get pinned. There were some attempt to actually done something with him, but being a Mexican Wrestler not named Rey Misterio, his future in big league American wrestling was limited.

He was much better in Mexico. He was the son of the legendary Dr. Wagner. He was also the brother of Dr. Wagner Jr. and was many time a partner to his superstar brother. I started watching AAA Lucha Libre when Silver King was part of Los Wagnermaniacs along with his brother and Ultimo Gladiador. They even won the Tag team titles at one point. They were some of the baddest guys and would cheat a lot but were headlining shows and fun to watch.

He eventually left AAA and his brother behind and started wrestling for other groups in Mexico. In 2005 he got the call to be the wrestling villain in Nacho Libre where he put on the mask and became the villainous Ramses.

He also was a hit in Japan where he was probably best known to don the mask of the evil Black Tiger, an image he used in both Japan and in Mexico as well before losing his mask in 2006 to L.A. Park.

He wasn’t the best-known wrestler in the United States, finding more success in Mexico and in Japan. but he still has a part in American Wrestling history.

So whether it was as one of the Siver Kings, Silver King, Silver Kain. Black Tiger, or Ramses, César Cuauhtémoc González Barrón made his own mark in Pro Wrestling all over the world. Hail to the King.

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