I write for a new place as the weather gets hotter.

Hi Gang!

It’s getting into the hot summer months around here, we aren’t sweltering yet but5 the windows are opening up and the fan gets turned on for most of the day. Been through the hottest of summers before and can’t do much about except turn on a fan and open a window (Which is an issue as my room’s main door flaps in the wind.) Outside the back yard has all kinds of visitors from the fat grey squirrels, the little red squirrel then comes to get some food every day, even saw the woodchuck (I call him Chuck) came out of his hiding spot and was looking for a bite the other day. Haven’t seen the deer family that likes our backyard but I’m sure they are feeling pretty good and doing well. We will see them soon enough. Even some of the migratory birds stop by this time of year. The back yard can be quite a busy place this time of year with all the animal life. Makes a good time to sit and watch all the animals doing their thing.

I’ve also been writing a lot as of late, namely because I’ve picked up a new freelance gig writing short lists for Top 5 Must. Me and other writers posts short 5 item lists of all kinds of things. Things I’ve already posted include Top 5 Queen Songs, Top 5 Items McDonald’s No longer Serves and Top 5 Games For The Original Nintendo NES And there is always more and all kinds of subjects! The site is just starting out so help me and the others with the site and go to Top 5 Must and read the articles and help us out!


And yes I will still be posting here as I have!


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You can also find my other work HERE

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