The old shows gets me thinking back.

Hi Gang! Hope the Summer has been good to you!

One of the shows I’ve been watching on TV is the old game Sale of the Century on the Buzzr network. Buzzr has been showing the old episode of the show from 1985 and I’ve actually gotten into them.

The show itself hasn’t been on TV for an ungodly amount of years and weirdly it takes me back to when I was a little guy. It is especially weird since I didn’t watch the show at all back then, I remember not liking the show very much for some reason. Never remembered why I didn’t like the show at the time either. Avoided it like the plague. But now is a much different time.  I actually watch the show every night and get nostalgic when they are showing off all the 1985 prizes. Looking at the refrigerators, keyboards, cars, and even furs date the program pretty good and that is a lot of the appeal of it.

Looking it up online, the show ran a LOT longer then I imagined, going from 1983 until 1989. It must have been on during the daytime since I don’t remember it airing at night at all. As I said, I HATED the show for some reason, so when I wasn’t going to school at the time I don’t remember any NBC ads or anything about it either.

The Buzzr showings seem to have recycled so it is not the entire run of the show and seems to only be airing the 1985 shows. No biggie. Now that I have watched the 1985 season of shows I would watch more. Looking it up it seems the run covers the time when ex-Miss USA Summer Bartholomew was on the show. Don’t know what it is about her time on the show but again, No complaints about it. Jim Perry rocks on as the host as always. I’m kind of a fan of his hosting these types of game shows.

Shows like this make me remember what I was doing at the time. Being 1985, I wasn’t it elementary school quite yet, But I was going to a pre-K program run by the local YMCA at the time. It was also the place my mother was working back then so I guess that explains that. It is where I was going there when the Challenger exploded a few months later so I put my time in at that place.

As for now, It is a nostalgic look back to the Regan era days. Obviously, I am a lot older and wiser so time has marched on for me as much as the show itself. Right now I watch these shows and kinda wonder how much some of these prizes run nowadays. Can’t imagine too many of those cars still run much if they are even still around. Those packets of silver bars might still be worth something though!

Fun times all around!

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