Damn Write! WWE News does makes me wonder.

Hi Gang!

WWE programming for me has been a chore. A lot of what Vince McMahon puts on is not geared towards me at all. There are a lot of things the WWE does that is just bad to watch. Ratings and buyrates for the pay per view shows have reflected the same and shows me that I am not alone. Heck, sometimes I wonder why I am still watching. I’ve grumbled a lot on here about how the WWE sucks right now and watching stuff from Mexico and Japan has directed my interest a lot more than what the WWE puts on.

And then came news that made me wonder if things would change. It has been announced that Paul Heyman was the new director of RAW and Eric Bischoff was the director in charge of Smackdown. New people in charge of the creative outlets on the WWE biggest shows. That would change things up, right?

Then I remembered it was the WWE and Vince is always in change.

Others have said and I felt the same that these two guys were “promoted” because wrestling fans knew who they were and they were people they can present in front of the Stock Investors to distract everyone from the ship sinking down the toilet. The WWE doesn’t want those investors to bail when they see the numbers from Stomping Grounds, the WWE last PPV show. Despite what the McMahon family thinks, if people hate the shows and aren’t watching, stock investors don’t see a way for them to makes any money and the stock price goes down.

That PPV show and the RAW and Smackdown Shows of the last few weeks have brought in some low numbers of people actually buying tickets and showing up. Attendance for some of these shows were around 4,000 people. YIKES.

These new directors or whatever they were actually called were brought in to change things but we have kinda seen this before. Remember when Paul Heyman was in charge of the NEW ECW a few years ago. Then they put on one of the worst shows in history (December to Dismember 2006) and Heyman quit and said that no matter what, it was Vince’s show. I’m wondering if this wasn’t much of the same thing.

Last Night’s RAW show started interestingly with Bobby Lashley and Brawn Strowman colliding with the stage in a big stunt that nearly took out the lights and got an “Oh Shit!” from announcer Cory Graves.

Then they just went back to the usual stuff they always do. The only thing that really caught my attention was the stuff with Mike and Maria Kanellis. It was a bit hookey and felt like something from the attitude era, but it was SOMETHING. Yeah, her being pregnant again isn’t flying over the audience very much but it is still something.

But then again, maybe it was my fault too to expect so much to change in the first show. It was all the same stuff outside for a few things. Rome wasn’t built in a day and things aren’t going to change that much in the first show, especially in the build to another pay per view. I probably won’t even watch that anyway.

I haven’t watched Smackdown yet as I write this but I’m not expecting much different either. Maybe the changes will happen with some time, or maybe a lot of those voices are right and it was done to snow job the stock investors and nothing will really change.

Not like that hasn’t happened before.


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  1. gsnprog says:

    Man, I agree with you. WWE has been so disappointing these recent weeks. I don’t fell the same excitement anymore. Looks like it lost its magic.

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