It’s too hot outside!


Hey All


It is the thick of summer here at the home base and it is HOT. The temperature around here has been hovering around 90 to 100 degrees and things are not getting any cooler. I have and window open with two running fans and that keeps this room bearable but not the most comfortable.


The problem with this kind of heat is I don’t take it too well, I’m over 300 pounds so I do so well when everything outside it nearly the 100-degree mark. I’m drinking constantly because this weather has been making me dehydrated and sick, and that is no fun.


The backyard animals I have mentioned in the past are doing alright. The deer have vanished and occasionally we will see a few of the Wild Turkeys around the house, but right now it is mostly squirrels and a lot of birds by the feeders. Don’t know where the deer take off too but hopefully, it is cooler than this place. Chuck the woodchuck hasn’t been around very much but every so often he is out and around in the backyard looking for seeds and something to nibble on.

Speaking on which this heat doesn’t make me hungry very much. I suppose that might not be such a bad idea. It makes me drink though. Ice Tea, juice, milk, Chocolate milk, whatever to keep me hydrated.

I just hope I don’t piss it all out a short time after. That isn’t going to help.

Is it autumn yet?


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