I had to say something about what happened


Hey Gang. It is still hot around here but things are cooling down a bit so around here is not so unbearably hot that you can’t do much of anything. With that getting better it is becoming less of a thought.

But what has a lot of my thoughts was the massacre at Kyoto Animation in Kyoto Japan. 34 people died at the animation studio when someone (and I’m not going to name the mother fucker) walked into the building with a lighter fluid of some sort and spread it around the building and then lit it. He was blurbing on about how they “stole his novels” or some shit like that before lighting whatever he poured around the building and killed 34 people.

Kyoto Animation is known for being a good place to work and its younger employees of mostly 20 to 30-year-olds. They are known for producing some of Anime’s best title like K-on!, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, and a bunch of other titles that stick in anime fans hearts. The president of Kyoto Animation said everything in the 3-floor studio was destroyed and that production and work that had been going on has been canceled. The plans now are to demolish what is left of the building itself. and turn it into a park and a memorial to those who died because of this asshole.

Now, this isn’t just an otaku crying over the end of anime of some sort. When they have released it already out there, and I own a few of those titles myself. But beyond the anime aspect to all of this is that 34 young and creative people died after all this. As the days go on after what happened we are getting stories of these people and what they lived through before they died. As most anime fans are told, working in animation is not a glamorous job and they weren’t making a ton of money, but they were in a good place that treated them right. I give the studio credit for that.

As for what happens now. The asshole who did this is still alive in a hospital somewhere. Honestly, I could not care less if he lives or dies at this point. If he does survive after doing this, I hope he spends much of the rest of his life in prison or worse. I hope Kyoto Animation can recover somewhat. There is a second studio building but I don’t know what they actually do and if it can help recover from the destruction of the first studio building in Kyoto. There is a fundraiser going set up by Sentai Filmworks to help in the recovery and to show that people do care. The fundraiser is set up at

I donated a little bit that I can and hope for the best outcome, whatever it will be, from all this.

And to Kyoto Animation itself, thank you. Thank you for all the memories and the good time over the years. You have made my otaku heart a better place.

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