Good things could be ready to get started!

One of the things coming up in the new fall TV season is the changes to the wrestling landscape as it pertains to major wrestling on TV nowadays. And while the talk of AEW bringing wrestling back to TNT on Wednesday nights has some of my attention and a lot of fanfare, it is the OTHER wrestling show airing on the USA Network that has more of my attention currently than anything with the NXT show debuting on the USA Network on September 18.

Now, I’m not expecting AEW to bomb right away. I hope they do amazing. But after years of watching wrestling like WCW or Impact wrestling royally screw up and get things completely wrong, I’m hoping to not looking to see it again. With the AEW brass saying it will take off on TNT where WCW left off, I’m really not looking for that. There is a reason WCW went out of business whether any fans remember it or not. They had some good points but they had some awful ones too and nobody wants to see that come back. I hope AEW does better than what the last two shows have shown and it really takes off, but the potential will only get you so far.

NXT, on the other hand, is something that has been going on for years, but things may change a bit. The show going on the USA Network will not only be Live but also Two hours where the show is usually not shown live and has been an hour-long on the regular TV shows on the WWE Network. The switch to live TV may bring about changes that the NXT show doesn’t need or is wanted from their fans. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. The expansion to two hours may bring about issues like the 3rd hour of Monday Night RAW, but it also could bring about just more action that NXT is known for, not silly wastes of time like “Talk Show” segments or even worse, the WWE trying to do a “reality show” like Tough Enough or something like that where the attention is taken away from what people tuned into the show to watch in the first place. Wrestling.

Another point in all this is will NXT still be a “developmental” Federation like it has been? The WWE has been trying to convince us that NXT is just as much of a “brand” as RAW or Smackdown for years, but wrestling fans knew better and like it that way. We (and I am a fan) like seeing new faces and changes from the same old stuff we see plaid to death on the bigger shows.

And off this big move to the USA Network, what will happen to the Takeover events that are held every few months? The WWE announced that the Takeover Shows will still happen, but will airing NXT  on the big leagues of The USA Network change those shows too? I hope not. Those NXT Takeover shows are usually light years better than the main WWE Pay per views and hope those don’t change either.

But I’m probably getting ahead of things. We will see how the NXT show changes on the USA Network and if it makes for real competition for AEW on Wednesday Nights. The next Takeover show for the American NXT show isn’t probably more than a few months away (Meanwhile the UK NXT show has a Takeover show this weekend that looks decent) and I will just have to wait until more of this plays out.

Of course, the debut of AEW’s show could be amazing and blow NXT right out of the water. Always hope for good things!

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