Digging up some old stuff from when I was a kid.

It’s been not nearly as hot in the last few weeks. Still pretty warm but at least it’s not hot enough that I’m passing out or getting sick sitting here writing!

One of the things this weather has me thinking about is old toys. Of course, I think about that stuff most of the time anyway. I’d probably make a lot of money writing articles about old toys. That point with this is I am specifically thinking about a brunch of old doll clothes from generations ago.

A number of years ago, my maternal grandmother came across a bunch of stuff for me to play with when I visited her. She lives nearly 2 hours away from me in a town practically carved out of the woods called Blanchard. The kind of place where things didn’t happen very much. In fact, I calculated at one point like a third of the town was related to me somehow. A small town as you can think.

Well anyway, this stuff my grandmother had was interesting. A lot of old stuff she got (From a garage sale or something probably) and part of that was two dolls (A “Welcome Back Kotter” Vinnie Barbarino was one and another unrelated articulated doll that I have no idea what it was) but there was a lot of clothes that came with it that these guys could wear. Military gear, 70’s style wear, All kinds of clothes. I didn’t know what they came from and were not a part of either of the dolls, but were together. It wasn’t until a little later I noticed these all had a tag with “Action Jackson” on them. Never gave it much thought again for decades.

It wasn’t until recently I found out that “Action Jackson” was one of Mego first Doll lines from the early 70s. I don’t have any of the figures, but I do have a number of the clothes and weirdly, I still have some of them!) but to eventually find out where they came from means a lot to me and solves a minor mystery from my childhood.

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