Maine Event Wrestling!

Hi Gang. The weather around here seems to be cooling down and it feels a lot better now. The fear that we would be rained on with what was left of Hurricane Dorian rolling up near the east coast, but here in the middle part of the State of Maine we avoided much of what Dorian brought and by this point in was going out to sea. Things cooled down thought so it wasn’t all bad here. It did a lot more damage down in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas then it even came close to doing up here near New England.

Had a bit of a weird thing happen on Dish Network though. On the local public broadcasting channel here in Maine there is a show on the weekends called The Maine Event. It sounds way cooler than it is as it is a show focusing on local politics and things going on in that area. Not the most lively and normally I do not watch it, however, Dish Network programmers put it into there programming through the TV boxes as Maine Event Wrestling, which needless to say caught my attention! The first sign that something was wrong was having a wrestling show airing on Saturday afternoons on the local PBS station. I don’t know about anyone else, but wrestling here in Maine doesn’t usually air on Public Broadcasting. Doesn’t serve as a good enough lead into The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill I am guessing.

The other thing that got my attention that someone went wrong is Maine Event Wrestling was an actual wrestling federation nearly 20 years ago with it airing nearly 2 hours north in the local stations airing out of Bangor Maine. I’ve heard there were some issues with it and guys not getting good pay. The last show they had scheduled was canceled, the reason given was that main eventer X-Pac suffered a torn scrotum in a recent match and was unable to wrestle scheduled opponent Jerry “The King” Lawler so instead of finding a new opponent they just canceled the card altogether. With all the talk of promoters and guys behind the scenes not paying guys and stuff going on, I always wondered how much of that injury story really was the reason things went out of business. It could have been a finale card and they were to take the summer off which is something that happens with smaller local groups to take summers off and come back later in the fall months, but Maine Event Wrestling never did come back at all and soon the local TV coverage that would air after Smackdown on the local TV Station was canceled all together on UPN back in the day.

Well, anyway, there is a little story from back during the tail end of the Attitude era in the state of Maine. X-Pac has retired by now from what I have heard and Jerry Lawler still puts in his gear and wrestles now and again, even after nearly dying from a heart attack on live TV that one night, but before all that he was the featured player in an indy group that went out of business thanks to a ruptured scrotum. I’m sure he puts that in his resume to this day. Balls to the wall!

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