That big explosion in Maine that made all that news.

It was the beginning of just another Monday yesterday when there were all kinds of headlines about a “Massive Explosion in Maine” and needless to say I woke up real quick and turned my TV on to figure out what the hell was going on.

It didn’t take long to see.

The explosion was in Farmington, which is a ways away from where I  am located. Watching the news, I find out that a LEAP building was rumored to have a gas leak and that is what caused the explosion. LEAP stands for Life Enrichment Advancing People as is a group that helps out people with both physical or mental Disabilities. I’ve not done business with them but have heard of them before.

The place had just been renovated but Monday morning there was the smell of gas in the air. That is not a good thing. They call the fire department and they were having a look at what was going on when something happened and there was an all mighty explosion with people injured and Captain Michael Bell was killed. Flags around Maine are being flown at Half Staff and there was a memorial yesterday as Bell’s Body was taken from Augusta and taken back to Farmington where he will be laid to rest.

Beyond that, it appears to be an accident, whether the accident was because of something that happened during the renovation or if someone turned a dial the wrong way or something, that investigation is just starting. The building was completely destroyed so those investigating what happened or in for a long haul with this, What happens to LEAP I have no idea. Thankfully all those people that were at the building were evacuated before that explosion and Thanks to the Fire Department for that.

As for Captain Michael Bell, *salute* to a brave man who sacrificed his life making sure everyone else was going to be okay.

I hope yo be back next week with something that ISN’T breaking news on CNN. Maine isn’t made for that kind of thing.

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