What has been going on after the big news story?

Hi Gang! Fall is finally here, of course as I write this is hotter than hell.

So in a bit of a follow up to the big explosion here in Maine last week. Here is an update as of right now. The cause to the whole thing is a gas leak of some sort, but with the building itself reduced to nothing much, the actual spark that caused the explosion may never be found. There are still investigators looking it over but even they say it is going to find what they are looking for.

Captain Mickael Bell did not survive but those who were with him most likely will. Firefighter Theodore Baxter was just released for his hospitalization. Theodore’s Son Capt. Scott Baxter is still in the hospital but his condition has been upgraded from “Critical” to “serious”. Firefighters Capt. Tim Hardy and Joeseph Hastings were already released from the hospital. Deputy Fire Cheif Clyde Ross was treated the day of the explosion and released. Larry Lord, a LEAP maintenance worker who eventuated the building before the explosion and is being called a hero for his efforts is being classified as “critical” after being classified as “serious” early this week. He is in Boston hospital with some serious burns still on his body.

All are being called heroes after what happened and hopes are that they all can recover and lead a normal life after the explosion.

Several others who lived around the LEAP building where the explosion occurred are dealing with damages and here is hoping they get the help that they need. LEAP itself hasn’t announced what will happen to them but things are probably in the works and hope they get back to the business of helping people.

For everyone, whether they were injured or lost their home, I wish all the best in the future and hope everyone can all go on beyond this.


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