A little article before I turn one year older.


Hi Gang! Not a long article this week but wanted to get something out there.

Well, it is getting closer to my birthday. Not going to say what day but it is coming right up and I am at an age where there isn’t much to celebrate anymore. I’ve already run for President of the United States so there isn’t much to do after that. Honestly, I’m not much of a party animal so I probably won’t be going out for my birthday, heck I have a doctor’s appointment with my new doctors the day before. It is not the usual birthday gift but having a medical doctor is a good one, especially for all the medical issues I have, it is good to have something there.

After my first appointment, it turns out I am not as tall as I thought but also weigh a lot less too! Guess not weighing myself at home had its issues but all is good there now!

So yeah, I’m at that age where it is close to my birthday and I am glad to have medical insurance and a doctor. Then again with the way things are in the United States nowadays, I’m not even sure those are issues about getting older but just getting something settled and hopefully not have to worry about it.

Hopefully, in the next appointment, I won’t have any more blood drawn. I’ve still got a heck of a bruise on the inside of my elbow from the couple of vials I had drawn that last time I was there. I don’t have anything that they found there either so all is good from that too!

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