Just feeling kind of blah.

Hi Gang. Hope you are all doing well.

Gotta be honest but I am not feeling that great at the moment. Last night I was jolted awake at about 1 am and really couldn’t figure out what time it was or if I had an appointment for the Doctors and was having all kinds of issues. Finally, I just laid down and went back to sleep. Weird thing to suddenly wake you up and cross your mind.

Let’s hope that isn’t a sign of anything. Last night was kind of a rough one on my system even before that where I was so tired I conked out early as wrestling ended and waking up for the second time later this morning (when I usually get up) I had some writing to get done and got on that after having my morning shower.

I don’t think I am sick. Granted I probably haven’t been eating my best with the switch from hot to cold weather making rooms in this house heat up like a sauna on occasion, but I don’t think I have been dehydrating or starving myself either. My back is sore but nothing more than usual. I have a crummy back anyway so that is nothing new. My leg isn’t curling up as it did before my back surgery, No headaches either so it isn’t the big issues that require hospital time. I’ll probably feel better soon enough.

I guess that is a part of getting older. I pointed this out last time but I am not getting any younger. Hopefully, though I can stay in good enough shape to keep going and not end up like some old codger that is too broke down to do anything. Both grandfathers lived to ripe old ages before they passed on and my father is still around so there is a good sign that with a little rest I will be feeling back to normal and not have weird amnesia attacks at 1 in the morning.

Probably should cut back with the sodas before going to bed. That might help.

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