That time of year for me!

Hi again Gang!

It is getting to be that time of year again where I go down to AniMaine and party with my friends and meet some cool people and if things turn out okay I type up a few articles about my adventures in the Merry Manor Inn for any of you that read my articles.

Well this year things have come up and I will only be able to do the first day (Friday) this year but hopefully, I will still get enough to do an article here for that one day. I will still get pictures and all so you won’t be much. Hopefully this year I don’t scare the crap out of one of the guests like that one year I tried to get a picture and scared Carrie Keranen half to death! Never took Mirakoshi to be that scary

but a hall filling scream proved me wrong! I have apologized to her many times since that time and I have been assured everything is cool. Hope so!

Anyway, even though I am only able to do the first day, they are plenty of others who are scheduled to be there like Voice Actor Greg Ayres coming back for another year

Voice actress Lauren Landa

and Voice actress Megan Shipman

are also scheduled to show up so the Convention sounds like a lot of fun, even beyond the Friday I hope to be there.

I won’t be running any panels this year but AniMaine is always fun so there will be plenty to do this year as there is always a packed and fun weekend. There is a cosplay contest so there will be plenty of people in cosplay. There is also an Animation Festival this year so I hope to see some of the entries as well.

AniMaine takes place on November 8 through the 10th at the Best Western Manor Inn & Conference Center in South Portland, Maine. I will be there and look forward to it!

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