Damn Write!  A little update before the Day of the Bird!


So it is a few days before Thanksgiving here at home base and there really isn’t that much going on. There are some decorations around the living room but we haven’t put up a tree or anything, we may not even go through with that this year, who knows? I’m not in charge of those things so I don’t.

The weather has been getting colder outside and I am fine with that. I only have so many lounging pants to wear around the house that AREN’T big heavy sweat pants and during the summer months having to wear those sweat pants and sweating it out as I write is really uncomfortable. Besides, I live in Maine, it’s supposed to be cold!

As for Thanksgiving itself, I’m not sure what is going on. The house has a bunch of food on it so we are eating at home this year for at least one of the meals and I don’t think we are going out for another one. There isn’t a big bird hidden away in our freezer so It will probably be bird of some sort from the local butcher shop or something. I’m more a fan of stuffing anyway so I hope that is good. We might get a visit from my sister and my brother in law. Hopefully, the weather will be decent for them to drive down. A blizzard on Thanksgiving is not something anyone really wants.

As for the wildlife I get in the backyard. I hope some of the turkeys actually show up or the family of dear we sometimes get. Not for dinner reasons but just the have the Gobble gang or Bucky the deer and his family around. The back yard hasn’t had that much going on as of late and I could use the sight of some wildlife playing around back there!

There isn’t much snow on the ground yet. It snowed for my trip to AniMaine and seems to snow every other occasion, so I’m expecting some snow for Thanksgiving too. Probably it will be melted away because of some rain too. But whatever, I don’t go outside that much anyway and with Thanksgiving, there isn’t much need too.

Regardless. Thank you for reading Damn Write once again and hope you have a happy Holiday this Thursday!

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