Lots to eat and saying goodbye to a special Kitty.


Hi Gang!

Well, Thanksgiving here at home base went alright. Like I said in the last article, it actually snowed that morning but it wasn’t terrible. Heck, it is snowing even more as I write this now. Maine winters am I right? My sister and her family didn’t even try to drive through that mess though but she called the house later that day so at least we got to talk to her, her husband, and her son. I hope they got to have a good day of it too.

The food was alright. We didn’t do a big bird this year and instead had turkey slices mixed in with some stuffing with Cranberries in it. Tasted good! We had plenty of leftovers and we are still working our way through those. As I said before, I’m big on stuffing and we had (and still have) plenty of that. It went well with all the other fixing we made like some veggies and mashed potatoes and gravy. There was plenty to be served and we are still working over the leftovers.

The storm wasn’t so bad that we lost power, so most of the rest of the day was watching the Macy’s Parade and the Dog Show that was shown afterward. I smiled when the Dragonball Goku balloon made another appearance. I got favorited by Funimation for posting that on Twitter. It has been a long time since watching those shows on Cartoon Network but I still remember them. Some things just stay with you forevermore.

Another thing and this makes me sad to post but Lil Bub, the kitty who had a big influence on the Internet passed away at the age of 8. I’ve followed Lil Bub for a few years and it makes me sad to hear that she passed away. She brought a lot of smiles to my face and I hope now there is a new kitty angel watching over everyone. Maybe even paired up with another kitty Angel looking over us and wishing us all good and safe times.

To remember her by, go on Youtube and look up some of her past adventures. Videos of Lil Bub were mostly made to make people smile. I’ve seen a bunch as I tear up over losing her but that is what Lil Bub did. She brought smiles to people’s faces even during moments when it was hard to smile. She was good at that.


So Lil Bub. Thank you. For everything you did.


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