If you write it. It will snow.


Hi Gang!

So I was sitting down about to write this rant piece about how I’m looking out the window and there is no snow on the ground. We are close to Christmas and the middle of December and the ground around home base is not white and whatever snow we have gotten in the last few weeks have all been washed away because we have been rained on a bunch of times. Guess the air up at cloud level hasn’t been cold enough for snow.

That’s not entirely a bad thing either when you think about it. Sure, rain sucks in December but it beats having to do anything while getting dumped on by a ton of snow in the middle of a blizzard.

Then guess what happened as I was ready to type that?


It’s not a blizzard out there. The local news says that the snowstorm isn’t a powerful one but some snowflakes on the ground right before Christmas wouldn’t be complained about from me. I live in Central Maine so it better be a White Christmas!

Now I also remember the Ice Storm from my high school days and hope no one gets hurt or anything, but from the word going around about this snow, it shouldn’t be much so hopefully no one gets hurt. There may be some shoveling going on (I’m probably going to have to do some of my own) but probably that will be the wost of it and nothing more will happen.

Watch, the power will probably go out and be off for a week. It wouldn’t be the first time!

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