Some thoughts of this time of year


Hey Gang!

It’s the day before Christmas here at home base and things are going alright. That snowstorm I wrote about last week left us some snow on the ground, and while it is hardly overflowing outside we do have some snow to actually look like wintertime which is something we have seen in a few weeks.

We still haven’t had any deer in the back yard but we have had some squirrels come to the back yard bird feeders so that is awesome. I swear two of them are fairly regulars so having a third is always welcome. We still have gotten plenty of birds to the feeders so it seems like the animals we do get seem happy with what they are eating. That is always good. Nothing big or eagle sized back there has been seen yet but the day before Christmas it is probably too cold for the big birds to visit the backyard. Those will probably come in the new year. Nothing like seeing one of the bigger boys resting on the rail outside.

For the humans here this time of year we are all doing okay. My parents decided to get me a new computer chair to sit in at my computer desk so hopefully, my back will start feeling better as I go along. As I write this I am feeling good right now so hopefully, that will continue. The things I got them hopefully are received just as well. Not going to give away what it is I got them just yet. They will find out tomorrow.

Looking back 2019 has been all right. I got the jobs working for Top 5 Must and my weekly deal writing for Heres hoping both of those continue one during the year. A lot of writing but it keeps me paid to some degree. Sure it can tire me out sometimes, but it keeps my mind working on what I will write about next. It is something I hope continues into 2020 and beyond even that.

In all though, I hope good things for everybody who is reading this. I don’t get the highest view counts even on this site, but those that do take the time to read this I wish the best for all of you and hope good things during the Holiday season and the new year and beyond.

May your time be well and have a good 2020 too!

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