This week we find out who interrupted the wedding of the century and it looks like it’s none other than the children of the Starbolts! Here’s a look at who is who:

Sirak Arlandero, the son of Mateo Arlandero and Aquita J’arrsti.
Dendra Odanta, the daughter of Firaxil Odanta and Sara Whitefox.
Marcus Johnson Jr, the son of Marcus Johnson and Crystal Whitefox.
Jacob Whitefox, the son of Jack Whitefox and Anya Petrov.
Angelo Stanton, the son of Kevin Stanton and Angela Arlandero.
Rose J’arrsti, the daughter of M’anta J’arrsti and Jenna Dastara.

Quite the group. Here’s hoping they can stop the Professor from carrying out his nefarious deeds!

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