The Show didn’t suck!


If you have been reading along for this for any amount of time one of the things I like to watch is Professional Wrestling. I have for a long time. And one of the big events I always look forward to is the Royal Rumble in January. The idea of taking 30 guys and having them battle it out to see who becomes a name at Wrestlemania usually gets my attention.


But Royal Rumbles of the last few years haven’t turned out as good as I want them to going in. They usually don’t deliver when it comes time for the show or they push the wrong guys and usually, that comes back to bite them in the ass.


This year’s show was looking to be the same way. They announced that WWE Champion Brock Lesnar would be the first entrant into the match and steamroll through the entire field. And as the Rumble match itself got going, it looked to be what we had all feared with Lesnar going through each guy and eliminating him in time for the next person to come out.


As this was going on fans like me were guessing as to what they were going to do next. The Friend I was watching the show with guessed it was going to be Cain Valesquez while I was guessing it was going to be John Cena.


Thankfully we were both proven wrong and the WWE made the choice of having Drew McIntyre come out and actually toss Brock over the top rope and eventually won the whole match. With that, the WWE actually went through and made a main event star instead of just having someone like Roman Reigns of John Cena come out and get the victory that they probably don’t need. Granted they haven’t exactly said who Drew is going to actually fight at Mania, but chances are it will be Lesnar. Even the WWE wouldn’t do something so stupid as have all that happen just so they could have Drew fight the other champion in Bray Wyatt would they? Let’s hope they don’t.


As for the other matches on the show, The Strap match with Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan was good too, but I didn’t think Bryan was going to win the title, especially when Wyatt came out with that version of the Universal Belt and it just looked weird for anybody else to hold it.


The other matches on the show weren’t much to mention for me. The woman’s rumble was good but having Charlotte win the thing felt like the same crap that WWE had been pulling for years with the men’s match. Did Charlotte need to win? Probably not. The match was fun but the end result was something I will probably pass over and not care.


So the show wasn’t perfect, but just getting what we got was still a big effort for the WWE to give us.


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