I was linked to a hell of a find!


Hi Gang!

One of the things that crossed my path was a window into a lot of old wrestling magazines. Some I had but a lot more was I didn’t.


I saw a post on Facebook from a group I follow about Classic Professional Wrestling and they posted a link to PDF scans of classic wrestling magazine of years gone by and the particular magazine they linked to was one from just before I became a wrestling fan from 1988. A fun read and it took me back to my younger days.


All kinds of titles are there from WWF and WCW magazines, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Sports Review Wrestling, and a bunch more. Regular newsstand type magazines you used to find in stores, show programs, even newsletters from years gone by. There even issues of comics like WCW’s comic, Chyna, stuff like that.


All of which can be enjoyed in a PDF format. It isn’t some zip filed with a bunch of pictures you have to go through individually, but one single file you can scroll through and read all the articles from back in the day. Names like the Von Erichs, the Horsemen, The Mega Powers, Dusty Rhodes, and a young rookie up in Canada named Owen Hart and a whole bunch more. I got into wrestling back in those days, but I can go back before that and look into what was going on before I was born.


It may not have a LOT but they have quite a few old magazines from going back to the ’30s and ’40s to stuff from this decade. I’m reading the PWI awards issue for 1987 right now myself. It is going to be a lot of reading but I have seen ads for this mag for DECADES and now I can say that I have read it. Love those year-end issues of PWI. A time capsule of wrestling in a way. Been reading those since the 1989 issue.


The website can be found at http://www.wrestlingscans.com/index.html and if you are a wrestling fan like I am, look around a bit and download some issues of whatever you find and take some time to enjoy some reading.


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