The big event in Tokyo is being pushed back a year.


It has been a rough time of it with this Coronavirus stuff keeping people on lockdown. I work from home anyway so it’s no big change for me. But it is all these events being canceled or postponed that are driving me nuts. The news that Wrestlemania will be in front of no fans in the Performance Center and other places like that (what other places are there?) that news has me expecting whatever they put on to be a few steps below of not only what they originally planned, but a step down from Wrestlemania itself. However, there isn’t much I can do about it.

One piece of news that was made official this morning was the news that the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo is being postponed until Next year

I was looking forward to those games. Not any particular sport that was taking place, but the event itself. I have been writing in various places about all the issues that have come up since it was first announced. Remember the issue with the logo being ripped off from the official logo used for somet6hing else previously? The issue of one of the arenas looking like a bike helmet? The closing down of the Tsukiji Fish Market and the location moving with the old market being destroyed to make room for a parking lot of what will now hold the games? I covered it all writing stories for various places. There were events the news that various faces from Pro Wrestling carrying the Olympic Torch. Hell, this was supposed to be the coming of the events of Akira. Otaku around the world was looking forward to this! This was supposed to be fun!

This latest news is something that has to be done, but it still breaks my heart.  With things being as they are with this virus outbreak it was something that needed to take place. I don’t have to like it, but it is for the best. Hopefully, things will have been calmed down and the virus won’t be an issue by 2021. There were other issues with some of the other sports that needed to be looked at too. Hopefully, those issues will be worked over before then too. I don’t want any more of the issues with boxing to come around in these games.

Then again I don’t want the Cronovirus to come around either. Hope it won’t.

If the fixing of some of the issues works, then it may be worth it to push things back a year. Things kind of suck as they are, but things could be a whole lot worse. They aren’t canceling the Olympics outright. This isn’t the XFL (There is another bummer through all this). The Olympics will still be there, it just will be a little later then it usually is.

Stay safe out there gang!


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