10-6-1 in my predictions!

Hey Gang!


Well, here I am with the “Stay at home” order for the state of Maine so whatever plans I had getting together with friends for Wrestlemania went kaput rather quickly. Wrestlemania itself was split into 2 days put there were no fans as they were hampered with this health outbreak and had to put on the show in front of no fans at the WWE performance center (Well VINCE made sure to run the show o matter what) so all during both shows we were constantly reminded that this Wrestlemania was too big for a single show. Yeah, that sounded like crap the first time you said it during the first show let alone near the end of the second show and repeating it every few minutes.

The matches themselves on either show weren’t bad. There were some moments that just left you scratching your head and wondering WTF? The Street Profits match for the RAW Tag Title was decent except for Montez Ford CONSTANTLY shouting out to Austin Theory or Angel Garza that “THIS IS WRESTLEMANIA!” After doing that so many times I wonder if he was reminding himself where he was. Outside of his going off like that the match was decent.

I’ll be honest, I am one of those people that have my doubts about Roman Reigns not being there because of his health issues with his battle with Leukemia. Now it very well could be true, but honestly, I am not totally sold that it was. It just seemed to fit together so perfectly that Braun Strowman happened to be ready to go in a match against Goldberg like that at Wrestlemania. That match was not great. I’m sure Reigns will be just fine for whenever they do the match that was  “supposed to happen” and I’m sure when this health thing blows over and they can do regular shows again they will make sure to give Reigns a match and charge a lot of people to see it.

The match with John Cena and Bray Wyatt still makes me wonder “WTF that was?”. I should have known they were going to do something like this with it being a Bray Wyatt match. As I was watching it I had it going in the background when they started doing the old Saturday Night’s Main Event stuff and I turned and was like “What the F***” and was surprised with what they did there.

In all, I was 10-6-1 with my picks with Drew V/S the Big show not entering into my picks for the night (There is another WTF of the show) so even though the night was under some strange circumstances I did alright with my picks. It’s hard to see what happens now and where the WWE goes in the future with this Coronavirus thing going on so instead of trying to predict the future I’ll just see where things go for a while and wait until there isn’t an order keeping me here at Home Base.

Hope you all are feeling okay!

Until next time!

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