Keeping inside and away from anything

Hey Gang! Hope you are all keeping safe and indoors and socially distancing!

Around here and home base it’s been blah for me. I don’t go much of anywhere anyway so it isn’t so much about getting out, but the problem is I am not alone in this house and my parents are staying home too! Fun! I think I strained something in my hip or leg so getting up and moving around hurts. I’ve done this before, though I don’t know how, so it will pass eventually. It doesn’t mean I am feeling good about it right now.

The backyard critters have been around, it looks like they are trying not to get too bored either. We have seen a turkey come back to the backyard feeder a few time but lately, two other turkeys have been with them. I don’t know if they are related but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were!

We’ve also seen a lot of feeder action from the big grey squirrels but we have also seen the little red squirrel running around and one of the things that little demon likes to do is chase around one of the big greys around the back yard. Seems little red likes to chase those big greys away and may be a bit territorial. Don’t know what they want to do with those grey squirrels but I’d not want to bother. Those things are a lot bigger than that little red guy so don’t go chasing them around little fellow.

We have actual birds show up to those backyard feeders too. I have seen a whole lot of Golden Finches show up. Sure they may be small little birds but they are creepy as Hell when you look up to the trees around us and see all those specs of yellow milling around. It’s like a more colorful version of The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. They are a lot like me too, they will sit there and watch whatever is hanging around that back feeder and one of them usually gets some grub while the others are all in the trees watching. Creepy sight!

We have been visited a few times from a flock of Black Birds too. I can’t tell if they are crows or crackles or what they actually are, but they fly around and circle those feeders before they get their snack. They don’t make a lot of noise and don’t harass anything else back there so no problems from me!

Haven’t seen too many of the land critters like deer or cats or anything. It must not be that time of year for those furry guys to be running around. It might be a good thing too as there isn’t something like a bear or some mountain lions that have been found in some people’s backyard in the northern parts of the state!

In all it kind of sucks but eh, let it pass and this should be all over soon enough. We will all be back to normal again with our life and be back to doing what we normally do when all this is over. Until then, stay inside and away from people if you can. Most of these “stay at home” orders around the United States are for a good reason. We will be fine after all this plague passes.

Until keep safe and stay well!

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