Zac Bertschy Thank you and Rest in Peace


It was Saturday morning and I was just waking up and cruising around the internet when I read a twitter post from one of my friends about something had happened to a person named Zac. At first I didn’t put two and two together until a few moments later and realized she was talking about Zac Bertschy from ANN and that he passed away the night before.


I was shocked by the news like a lot of people were. Zac was a big name in Otaku circles with ANN. The baby he helped create in the Anime News Network. I got to see Zac at a few of the ANN panels years ago at Otakon when they were in Baltimore. They were fun even if the ANN crew at the time looked like they had been pulling late nights days beforehand. They probably were! I tried writing for ANN more than once. I got to transcribe a column that Bamboo Dong was doing at the time but that was as far as I got with working for ANN and pretty much ended the line with the site right there. I didn’t communicate with them after that as it was becoming real clear there wasn’t much of a future for me at a place like that.


I would get glancing hits to things that were going on at ANN and articles that were posted even after I stopped giving a damn about the site. I have my own things going on at the time and things at ANN quickly became less of a concern. I was doing my own thing. I didn’t go to the site much at that point and people were still complaining about the conduct on the message board. I had my own site with a bunch of people outside of that message board and all the antics there. You would still hear of something Zac was doing but that as far as it went with me. I was not part of that world and it was time to realize that was the case. I didn’t hate him or anything, just knew that it was not going to work.


Never the less I found places to write for. I am writing for now and make a little bit of money every month on that. I don’t talk to the ANN crew very much but I wish them all the best in this tough time. Not only the ANN crew directly but I want to send my regard to Zac’s natural family too and wish them the best as well. Zac had a magic about bring people together both online and real life. I am thankful for the time we got to chat online and online wish the best for the others that got to feel that same magic.


And to all may Zac’s spirit watch over you with the love and care he put into everything he did.



Zac Bertschy Thank you

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