Bob Kulick 1950-2020

I first heard about Bob Kulick as a fan of the band KISS many years ago. Originally it was as a guy who used to play on their albums when the official members of the band needed some help or weren’t in their right minds to play the songs on the albums. Eventually, when Ace Frehley and then Vinnie Vincent left the roles they were playing they asked Bob to join the band but he turned them down and suggested his brother Bruce strum the guitar instead. One of the reasons was he had shaved his head and that point and putting on the facepaint would make him look like “Meng the Merciless.” from the Flash Gordon storylines. Seeing him after he shaved his head, all I could think off is one of the members of one of my favorite wrestling team Demolition in their later days when Smash didn’t have any hair.

I also remember looking up who was the people that put together “Sweet Victory” for the Spongebob Squarepants show and being surprised it was a song that had been done back in the ’80s and Bob was one of those people to help put that together. That popped up a few times, especially when people wanted the song played at the Superbowl after Stephan Hellburg died a few years ago. I give that song the metal horns a few times more after hearing about Bob Kulick’s involvement with that song. It is a real “Well what do you know” moment.

Speaking of my being a fan of wrestling, a story I’ve read more and more now after he passed away was Bob’s involvement in producing that famous Theme song to WWE Bigwig and Vince McMahon son in on law Triple H “The Game”. I’m not a huge fan of Triple H’s but I always give credit to the song for helping get him over. Even if you aren’t a big fan of the man in Wrestling, you know the song even after heavens knows how many years he had been using that song to get to the ring, I’m now alone in feeling that and I gotta give my thanks to Bob for that happening.

In remembering all the work he did and the music he had a part of, it dawns on me he really was a guy who was never greatly appreciated for his work no matter who he was doing music for.

So for everything you did, All the music you brought to us,

Thank You, Bob Kulick.

May you Rock with Power for all of eternity.

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