I wish the protests would stop but I get why they are happening.


So the events in the United States have crossed my mind. No, I’m not an expert and I do not know how to make things better. but to me, the police need to treat people better, even if they are arresting them.

Now I’m not big on groups of people getting together in “protest” and tearing things apart, but I get why they are doing it. Or at least I am in favor of the ones who are protesting and stand behind the feeling to protest the racism in this country. Things do need to change and hopefully for the better.

The thing I’m not in favor of is the things I see when someone thinks protesting is just an excuse to get together with their buddies and cause trouble. Hell, that kind of thinking is largely why we have police in the first place. If racism is the furthest thing on your mind and you just want together with your buddies and “cause some trouble” for something to do with your buddies then you are a part of the problem the police have with people.

But granted, there are some bad police out there too. There are racists and cops that just like to use their badge as a shield to be a bully. That is the kind of thing people are protesting around the country. I imagine being a cop is hard enough without being a bully and pushing people around to feed your ego.

There are changes needed on both sides. Cops are meant to protect and serve and not be bullies and beat the crap out of people for whatever reason, let alone based on race or whatever, but the people out there protesting and making a statement. Don’t use this as an excuse to “get together” and to “cause trouble” or whatever. If you lose sight of what people are protesting for and just use it as an excuse to do stupid things with your buddies, you shouldn’t be out there and are making enemies from both sides.

I am not a fan of the protest but I get it. If you want to use that as a reason to cause trouble and “look cool” in front of your friends. Get the hell out of the way and let the people who have a real reason to be there do their thing,

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