Best to Enjoy what you can when the days get hot!


It’s quickly getting to that time of year where it gets hot and hades outside! Of course with that coronavirus thing going around that doesn’t help matters here at home base. Gotta stay at home and with things getting to be more summery, it means this house gets hot and blazes around here with temperature sometimes getting to be around 100 degrees (Fahrenheit in case that matters to anyone reading this).

Now one alternative to this issue is putting a fan in the window and I do that. Most of the time something is happening at the neighbor’s house. Sure it may cool things down but it does so with the sound of the neighbor’s dog barking and whining over something and one of my neighbors giving it some words that you can hear from my room. So it’s not a quiet form of beating the heat. That is if the other neighbors from the same house don’t get something going as there is nothing like sitting in your bedroom trying to get something written without them blasting the radio outdoors and playing some oldies station. I remember not to long ago trying to get an article written when the strums of “My Life”. Not the Billy Joel voiced version either. The one taken from the old show Bosom Buddies with a different person trying to sing it. Who in the world wanted THAT played on the radio? It is so much fun trying to work of sleep and the neighbors have THAT playing next door.

But on the other hand, this hot weather has the critters running around more around the back birdfeeder in the backyard, Red and Grey squirrels, A lot of birds like Sapsuckers, Blue Jays, and Chickadees, I’ve even seen a few foxes in the morning grab some breakfast before sneaking back into the woods. Those are all welcome to settle and take a moment to relax or grab a snack if they find something we put out that looks inviting.

They sometimes find a place for themselves to enjoy things as I got a few pictures of a grey squirrel enjoying a line of partially cute trees near our neighbor’s house. No matter what they find places to relax and hope they have a good time. Love all the critters we get that visit our house. So even hot summer days usually have something to sit back and watch.

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