It might not be the best time to order something internationally.

A little while ago I purchased a little ass on to my action figure collection on eBay. This figure was actually still in my price range (still a bit pricey but still manageable) and need some work to be done (a screwdriver would probably fix it) and I thought it was worth it. It was coming in from Canada so it would take a little bit but for the price, they were asking it was worth it! This was a figure I have been looking to get for DECADES (The AVAC Firebat pilot from 1986 if anyone cares)

So I wait a bit and I actually get a warning that the Coronavirus issue may delay things a bit but I knew that. I watch as my package gets to Montreal and then to the border. It crosses into New York and then I get Nothing for five days. They have my attention now. After five days I get a notice that it arrives in SEATTLE. Umm, there is a problem here! The destination was MAINE. I send a message to one of my friends about this whole thing and he replied that something close to it has happened to him and his stuff was sent to Massachusetts But eventually it did in fact reach Maine and his place, so hopefully this will do the same. It may take a little while but hopefully, my package will come to Maine is it was supposed to.

If this is all true and something even weirder isn’t going on this figure thas done more traveling then I have! I have never been to the French-speaking part of Canada (or much of Canada at all actually) and have never been to Seattle or the West Coast of the United States. He is getting more miles just getting here then I have ever taken. Just hope that figure even GETS HERE at this point! If it needs some repairs I hope they are doable and I can get the AVAC pilot as part of my collection after decades of trying to get one.

Be that a lesson I want to pass to all of you out there. Crossing the Canadian border must be an issue for eBay sales. You never know when your package may be sent to the other side of the country! I’m not blaming Canada or even those that man the checking point when crossing the border, but some times (Especially these times!) Things may get a little mixed up and go the wrong way when reaching the border, So if you want to get something across the border on eBay, be mindful those kinds of crossings can be stressful on a normal basis, let alone when there is a Global pandemic going on. This is probably a lesson for myself to take a step back from getting something from Canada until things get better. Whenever that figure gets here, (IF it ever does) I’m hoping it does not bring any viruses or anything with it.

EDIT: Look what finally arrived this morning!

Decent looking too!

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