There is a lot of talk about her.

One of the biggest names in wrestling right now is Tessa Blanchard. She is the daughter to a name I remember from the old days in former Four Horsemen Tully Blanchard and the Stepchild of Magnum TA. So she has that lineage and that background going for her. She has been around the world and a big success in a lot of places. I remember her being a big hit with AAA in Mexico not too long ago and even though I haven’t watched Impact in a long time I was familiar with her becoming Impact World champion there and beaten guys like Sami Callihan and guys (yes GUYS) like that. She had a lot going for her and she was one of those people I expected a bright future from in the days ahead.

But I don’t have that same feeling now.

The big thing of course going around now is that Impact fired her as World champion. Now I’m not a fan of Impact and have seen them do some really stupid things over the years and firing your WORLD CHAMPION is not a good sign. It’s the kind of thing that makes you wonder if there is something more going on but with Impact, there probably IS something going on. That is why I don’t watch that stuff anymore. They have been doing that kind of stuff for years and keep doing that kind of stuff no matter what happens. They never seem to learn.

And there is stuff with Tessa too. There have been lots of stories of her racism and being a bully to others and doing some unethical stuff behind the scenes. I don’t believe that completely as they are nothing but stories going around and some people saying some awful things she has done without any kind of proof. so who knows if she is guilty of any of that or not.

And now the word is that WWE is interested in her. This can’t end well. Whether she is a racist or a bully that people have said about her is true, WWE will not be presenting her as she has been. the WWE will make her either a “bad guy” that people are supposed to boo and dislike so all the sex symbols will get all the crowd attention and are favorited. Or she will become a shadow that floats around aimlessly because the writers do not know what to do with her. Hell, I’d say she would be lucky if she was the person Natalia beat on house shows when they come of Canada.

In short, despite what she has already done for fans, the WWE won’t give a damn. I just don’t see things going well for her there. If there is any truth to these stories of her being a bully or being a racist. Those stories will get out and a commotion will be made either from the company itself or from people who think they known better.

In other words, I don’t see this going well for her. Hope I am wrong,



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