Is Vince losing his mind?


Hey Gang!

I’m not the biggest fan of WWE nowadays. Most shows I put on the TV and have it going when I am doing something else. Especially currently with the WWF seemingly thinking that taking things back to the mid-’90s with their presentation. I remember those days and they were terrible. We got a throwback show trying to make people remember “In You House” and that awful sere of skits between the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits that led to a bunch of ninjas attacking or something. But one nake I got into and watched more so then many others was Shayna Baszler. Sure she wasn’t the prettiest woman in the WWE but that was part of the point. She gave off the presentation she wasn’t there for the guys in the audience to whack off to.  She played the character of wanting to kick people’s ass. Her MMA background was a big weapon in making her a dominating bag guy and she looked like she was going to rule the main roster and notch up a list of women as she was steamrolling through people and choking them out. But she disappeared from WWE shows and I have heard the reports saying that Vince MacMahon himself soured on her and supposedly didn’t care for her because she didn’t act like how “WWE Women were supposed to be”.

If any of that is true then I will say that Vince is the stupidest man EVER.

She may not have been the biggest fan favorite in the WWE but I think she was one of the best bad guys in the WWE for a long time. It was perfect in setting her up as the big heel and having someone set up to take her down and beat her in a match to get a big victory. None of that seems to be happening now.

Another thing worth thinking about is her friendship with Rhonda Rousey. I mean, when Rhonda was in the crowd at Wrestlemania that one year Shayna was right there next to her. Now that Rousey made her way out of the WWE (and probably for the better) maybe that has a lot to do with Vince souring on Shayna. Nobody wants to admit it but maybe that was why the WWE even signed Shayna, to begin with, as an incentive for getting Rhonda Rousey to sign for a lot of pub and getting eyes on the WWE. Now that Rhonda left there is no need to keep Shayna around anymore. Seems like a waste of a main roster talent. Baszler could have done more in the WWE and I don’t think she was finished. At this point, she might turn up somewhere else like AEW or Impact or something but chances are I wouldn’t really care.

Sad to see her go but at least she is doing alright and will find something else to make her living in or out of the ring.

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