Those shows are never good!


Hi Gang! Hope you a keeping cool out there!


So I’m sitting here watching my copy of Extreme Rules. WWE’s latest big show that they put out and beg you to buy. Starting the show and I remember a few sites talking about how Vince himself changed one of the endings to one of the matches or something It dawned on me, NONE of the Extreme Rules shows have been good!

Over the years this event always seems to be lucky the WWE hasn’t been kicked off the air and this show was no better. That Eye for an Eye match had to be the breaking point.  They were probably lucky they had a bunch of developmental students filling the crowd because there is no regular set of fans they would pay money for that kind of crap.

And why was the show called “The Horror Show”? I’m sitting in some HOT summer months in July. It doesn’t exactly get me in a heebie jeebie mood of Halloween. This is like all those stores that put out there Christmas stuff as soon as October is over. No one is in the mood for it so any of those stores aren’t helping themselves any. God knows I’ve been down that road a few times. WWE isn’t Walmart so stuff like this just looks foolish.

Of course, the WWE programming they have been putting on makes them look foolish anyway. Their pushing for more “cinematic” matches is only for Vince and the WWE seem to think the audience responds to things like that but the WWE keeps wanting to cram to results down our through like that was the greatest thing they ever put on.

But I don’t have any good ideas to take its place either. I may not be a fan of AEW but they have come up with some good ideas. Hell, I would be watching “Blood and Guts” or whatever they were calling their version of War Games instead of the crap the WWE calls “Extreme.”

I suppose you could be worse. At least I didn’t pay full Pay per view price for it. There were shows I have and still regret buying those shows.


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