Did they smell what he was cooking?


This week, the news was spread around that took me by total surprise, The XFL, the football league that had filed for bankruptcy, and we all thought was shut down, mostly due to coronavirus issues and the subject on some legal issues had been bought. And one of the big names attached to the group that now owns the league is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

Huh? Now The Rock is a guy with the kind of money to take part in something like this without much effort. He has saved his money and seems to have plenty of it. While he had a college football career it was not known that he was that big a fan to buy into this league,

Now the talks of the XFL at this point are that the TV networks are trying to renegotiate their deal and if they show the XFL games again they will be doing so under new financial deals this time around. That seems like the end of the old XFL back in 2001. But then again, if you can work out a better deal for yourself with the XFL being bought out and different people in charge, Go for it!

There isn’t any word yet if things like team names and images would be involved. The games themselves I thought were decent and that doesn’t need much of a change. Of course, I’m not a fan of Football at this level so my opinion on the matter won’t mean money in the bank. My opinion is just of a guy who watched the original version of the XFL 20 years ago and watched this version of the XFL and had some thoughts on the subject.

No matter what happens with the XFL at this point is beyond me. If they try it again and start a whole new season or just do a partial season of games is unknown to me. It seems to me that if they are going to play games to start things over and play a fresh season and get everyone started on the same footing. It gets a nod from me. As I said before, there was nothing wrong with me with the actual games this time around. This wasn’t like the 2001 version of the XFL where they seemed to change the rules every week and flailed around changing everything. If these new owners don’t screw around these things might be more enjoyable much like the modern games were, If this group wants to do things like THAT version of the XFL with rule changes every week and plenty of other stuff to get people watching the games like cameras in the cheerleader dressing rooms or goofy nicknames in the player uniforms (He Hate Me comes to mind), this might be worse off than I thought.

We will have to wait and see.

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