It must be getting to that time of year

With all this coronavirus still keeping me home most of the time, you notice these things and they do me well. I need to get my mind off the depressing things. Lately, in the mornings our bird feeder in the back yard is becoming a gathering point to a group of wild turkeys. Much like they do every year.

The group comes in most of the time in that morning (sometimes they come in the evenings too) and they are a few adult-sized birds but they are often trailed by a group of chicks that were probably born just this year and are fresh out of the eggs. I like to think one of the adults is showing the little ones a good place to snack and get a meal. I’m proud they think our back yard is a good place to eat.

They don’t mean any harm and the squirrels and the other animals that also hang out in the backyard haven’t had any issues or anything happens to them. They don’t seem to be the only ones back there. The other morning I caught sight of a full-grown adult brown fox that was looking around. Hope they don’t mix though as I think this group of birds would give that fox some issues. They all seem to have their own things going on early in the morning.

Thankfully it seems the only one who really notices the turkeys coming around is me. I was woken up the other morning by some gobbling close to my bedroom window and I look out and see a group of them passing by my bedroom and they had plenty to talk about I guess. Once I saw them trotting by I smiled a bit. Love those birds.

The other morning a few days ago there was one big bird strutting around outside and I got a few pictures.

Pretty bird. I sit in my room and upload the pictures. I get that done and sat for a few seconds and wondered if she was still out there. So I get up and look out that bathroom window again and here they come! Seems my little friend was stoking the place out and was bringing back a whole mess of turkeys!

I think the one who visited earlier came up and started picking around as the other birds picked around her. They were around for a while before starting back into the woods when she (Again looked like the same one) turned around and RAN (hilarious watching a turkey run) BACK to the feeder and started picking for herself. Next thing I see were four small little chicks change direction and head back over to join her picking around too! I am not sure if these chicks were HERS or not but that was about the cutest thing I have ever seen!

So with that, I welcome them and all their gobbles. It is kind of sweet to hear it. They provide a good bit of fun, most of the time twice a day.  Times like this it is good to find these spots of fun away from my issues.

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