This is Thunderdome?

I was reading articles on various wrestling websites about some of the stupid things done with the WWE’s Thunderdome thing they have going during their shows to cover up the lack of fans being allowed in the arenas for RAW and Smackdown. The picture of a bunch of computer camera windows doesn’t improve things and doesn’t make the shows any better.

Guess the latest issue that has come up with the fans being part of this was some shmuck getting dressed up like a KKK member or the one who flashed a Chris Benoit picture in the crowd during the show. Those idiots are not being funny of clever no matter what they may thing.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of this Thunderdome crap even before THAT stuff came around. These goofballs aren’t helping matters any.

Doing this kind of thing to cover up the WWE’s attempt to cover up the lack of a real audience or that thing they tried with putting in WWE performance talent in to cheer is noble in its attempt but stupid people have made me not care. Hell, last week someone had their dog on their webcam and someone else had a teddy bear. I kinda think they are wasting their time but hey, it gets on TV right?

It has been said in multiple places that it doesn’t cover up the bigger problem and that no matter what the WWE is doing with the crowds, it still doesn’t cover up that the writing and the plotlines are not that spectacular and they really aren’t doing anything to keep people watching. I have to agree. Thunderdome or not, I have been less than entertained but what they are putting on the air.

I was watching a DVR recording and caught some of the NBA that aired just before my taping was starting and lo and behold, the NBA is doing the same thing! The WWE tried to put this together and wants people to think they are so innovative and creative when the NBA is doing the same thing. Probably having a better time of doing it too. You don’t see anything about NBA audience members appearing in KKK outfits.

Nice try WWE but I think I’ll move on. When you put out something to keep my attention  I may have to actually care but you aren’t doing this crap so you will be on the background as I am doing something else. It will probably be more important. I’ve got a big enough collection of classic stuff that actually entertains me more and I don’t see it as a lame attempt to cover up the crowd issues due to Chorvirus or the shows just plain sucking.

Time to delve into that more than watching the stuff they crap out now.

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