Goodbye Mauro Ranallo


A bit of news came my way just last night that shocked me. WWE announcer Mauro Ranallo has left the company to focus on himself and make his life less busy with his announcement duties.

Mauro not only was a pap by6 play announcer for the WWE but also did announcing duties for MMA shows as well as Boxing for Showtime television. If there was a big in-ring contest, be it legit or staged, he was there, and giving it all he had to put together the best call of the action he had in him.

I actually first got familiar with Mauro back when he was doing announcing for New Japan Pro Wrestling for the AXS network and even when he wasn’t seen and just a voice telling us all the action for Japan, he really impressed me with his work. At the time, I wasn’t familiar with all his work or his background in pro wrestling so when the show debuted I wasn’t expecting much. But MAMMA MIA did he change my mind. He not only knew the names of the guys that were wrestling, but he knew thew moves as well! He was way more then what I was expecting from a person to fill that role and quickly was becoming my favorite!

As part of the WWE, I got to see him call matches from RAW and Smackdown, and he had his unbelievable run being the voice of NXT and their shows. Whether it was their weekly TV  shows or the big Takeover Pay Per Views. When NXT went from being online to their spot on the USA network, Mauro was there calling the action and despite some people giving him hell for his commentary style, I loved it! Just like NXT itself. It proved to be more my style and it was something I got into! Still do!

I remember a while back getting on a Twitter conversation with him about the Hart family. He was an old school Canadian wrestling fan so he was probably the one to turn to about a question about Bret Hart’s brother the late Dean Hart and how much wrestling he actually did (He did wrestle if anyone besides me cares).

I can also say we talked about mental health struggles as well. We bounced messages back and forth about my battle with depression and things like that. He was one of the few I could talk to about stuff like that. Happily, he still gives advice to people in a similar place in life. Mental Health and how to make things easier for people is something he believes a lot in, no matter what company he works for. I give him a lot of credit for that too.

So now that the news has come across that he is leaving what I still care a lot about and for the time being, I won’t be hearing his voice calling the moves of some future stars in wrestling makes me sad and honestly brings and tear to my eye. I am going to miss him and his voice calling the NXT action including the Takeover shows, but beyond that, I wish him the best of luck in everything he does. Like he once did online for me, I wish the most positive of energy to him.


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