The road to Starbolts #500 continues! We start off with a news report from a guy who will play an important role in that epic event. He really seems to have an ax to grind doesn’t he? Xander seems to hate the Starbolts and if he gives off a conspiracy theorist vibe, that’s the point. This guy is a jerk and the ‘bolts know it.

I really like how the scene with Carter and Crystal came out. The two have a lot to talk about because she is a link to her grandparents. Crystal wants to learn everything there is about her relatives now since she finally knows who she is. Sara also wants to find out. I am sure the two will definitely learn a lot from Carter.

Next week we are going to check on the current Iron Eagle. That’s going to be fun. Stay tuned for that as we press on toward Starbolts #500!

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