Sitting here at home base and flipping through the channels on my cable and thought back to a channel we used to have on this cable selection was the International Channel. This was back during the 2000s and I wasn’t living there at the time but I remember staying here for a Christmas or something and one-night spending some time watching the International Channel and they were airing a block of Japanese animation and enjoying watching those shows before I went to bed. I think it was Great Teacher Onizuka was the anime show I was watching plus some other shows. I remember some commercials that were spliced in for a Russian Comedy type show and got into that they had it.

 Looking at the list now at what they had makes me wish I had it at the time at the cable at my own place. Not only did it have lots of Japanese Anime that I like but also had lots of live-action shows and dramas and interesting things from all over the world. I would have really gotten into that at the time!

 Eventually, around 2008 or so I read that the channel had gone out of business and had been replaced. Whatever the cable company had replaced it with wasn’t anything I put any time into. It didn’t hold my attention nearly as much as The International Channel did. Sure it was geeky as hell for someone like me to watch, but getting some stuff from around the globe got my interest and kept me watching whenever I had the chance. There are some Japanese anime shows airing now on different channels but what aired on the International Channel was special and was thinking about it again just now.

 I also remember the actual Japanese channels the cable company used to carry. No anime and it was mostly news and it was EXPENSIVE! Holy Crap! Didn’t watch that very much!

 Just thinking back to random stuff the cable company used to have back in the 2000s. They were found out to be a giant rip off company and were eventually replaced themselves. Fun times!

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