I’ve been feeling kind of sick lately. I think I haven’t been eating enough.  It doesn’t seem to be getting any worse and if I just sit down and actually eat something I wouldn’t be prone to these bouts of dizziness. A voice in my head wakes me up every morning and in my head tells me, “Hey! Go get a glass of milk or something like Toast or something for breakfast!” It is a pretty convincing voice to wake up to!

 Seems I am having some computer issues as well, I don’t have a lot of money right yet but there may be some coming my way in the future if state politics go in my favor. After all these issues I’ve had, maybe it is time to upgrade my computer a bit and make sure I can still do things online like continue my job!

            Not much going on outside of that though. Outside writing for work, I sent another email to someone to look at my novel again. I know I am probably inviting another bad time of it, but I gotta keep on trying. SOMEONE will carry that book, it is going to take a while to make that happen.

The Presidential election is coming up and like many, I filled out an absentee ballot and mailed it in. You all probably don’t care who I voted for but let us just say I had thought of voting for myself again. Then I remembered I am not running for President of the United States this year so that wouldn’t do any good. Then again when I DID run for president It didn’t make that much of an effect and we got dealt with 4 years of Trump Bullshit.

            BUT for voting and who I am voting for means very little to anyone else. What is important is that you VOTE coming up soon or like me, you are filling out an absentee ballot and mailing it in. Whatever you do, vote and show your opinion about the state of the Country. If you want to put in a vote for a write-in candidate GO FOR IT! This isn’t like trying to pick a winner at the Kentucky Derby or something and you won’t get a big pay off depending on who you vote for. This is about who you want to run things around you. The City, State, and even the Country. If you do not like where things are right now, vote for someone else to do it. They don’t have to be to a perfect fit for the role, but it is the best you got to choose from. Even if you do like I do and fill out an absentee ballot and mail it in, your choice still counts (unless you are in prison or something) so don’t be afraid if the person you vote for doesn’t win. Voting at all is the key to this working. So no matter what, cast your vote and make it count.

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