Memories of some snacks!

I was cruising around online the other day when I stumbled on a video of an old add for Fruit Corners Snack Bars from back in the ’80s. Man, did that bring back some memories! Those were done by the same people who did Fruit Rool Ups back then, except these were jellied fruit done up in think bars of sweet goodness. There was Strawberry, Grape, Orange, and a bunch of different flavors. I can’t even remember them all.

           Back in the day when I was much younger, I remember sitting down with a stick and munch away when I was watching VHS tapes or something I had rented from our local video store. This was before I was a pro wrestling fan so most of the tapes I watched were episodes of GI Joe or something from Looney Tunes. I wouldn’t get into the good stuff to watch for a few years, mostly from Home Vision Video during that time. We had a working VCR back then, ran that machine for a long time until it crapped the bed a number of years ago when I was recovering from back surgery. Still lasted quite a while.

           But Back to Fruit Bars. I remember them not bring as complicated to handle as Fruit Roll-Ups. Fruit Bars were just as sweet but they weren’t difficult to handle. Just open up the wrapper and take a bite. Fruit Roll-Ups you had to unwind and that was if they didn’t stick to the wrappers halfway during unwinding them. Who cares about that unwinding crap with those Fruit Bars? Those were simple and easy to snack on for a kid like me,  back in those days.

           Seeing that ad makes me also remember when they tried those Fruit and Creme Fruit Bars where they had the fruit part that made them so yummy but they tried mixing in some streaks of cream in them and I remember as a kid trying one and HATING it. Those things were disgusting and whatever they used for that creme filling tasted like it had gone bad. That was it for those and those fruit and cream bars didn’t last long after that. Of course, looking back on them now, giving up on those was probably for the best for me. Those couldn’t have been the healthiest for me. They were full of God knows what kind of sweeteners. Adding that nasty creme to it didn’t help matters. Heck, the snacks I munch on NOW probably aren’t that great for me either but I gotta have something right? I have starved myself (accidentally) before and I’d rather have SOMETHING in my stomach, even if it is loaded with sugar and who knows what else, then go on an empty stomach make myself sick. That hasn’t changed. I suppose if I get too nostalgic about Fruit Bars I can find something else that tastes just the same. I’ll probably find something yummy eventually.

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